Privacy in the web

 The costumer in the web must have a option to make a shoice in here privacy.

Adds, cookie monsters are constantly arress the privacy of the user such kind of tools in the hand of authorities is one thing but Companys use this to know all the steps of the costumer is completly diferent. Companys use the data of here users to make here own business without permission of the user and much more.

Such kind of behavior of companys is not the best…

Privacy in the web most have a control for the authoritys for many reasons (…)Image

What nine months of lying about inflation looks like


Argentina’s national statistics bureau, Indec, announced on Tuesday (Oct. 15) that the country’s monthly inflation clocked in at 0.8% for the month of September. The largest contributor to the inflation rate was a 3.9% spike in the cost of healthcare and clothing.

If only that seemed accurate. One alternative estimate for September, as measured by the country’s Congressional Index, which uses data supplied by private consultants, is more like 2.11%. The discrepancy between government and private estimates isn’t new; it’s been growing every month since the beginning of 2013. The IMFPriceStats, owned by State Street Capital, and economists at MIT all agree that Argentina’s government has been cooking its books to mask higher inflation.

A look at the first nine months of 2013 is telling. The cumulative monthly numbers reported by Indec claim a nine month inflation rate of just over 7%, while private estimates hold…

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Be neutral is very hard.

To maintain the neutrality a person most fallow here principals for many reasons, every action, decision can have consequences in very thing`s in base of what other persons fallow and here way to think. The society in here self is make of lobbys sometimes very strongs and this is the reason I mention sometimes is very hard be neutral and keep the comunication with every body. Some people say with all here forces and raise the word “neutral” but when we see is not very well like they say be neutral is hear diferent points of view and respect, is try to understand the diferent points of view without take any part maintain the respect for they.

Be neutral is someone who is inside of any article and when happear any issue try to make here job who I call of “peace maker” sometimes take very energy of who make this because is not easy satisfy at the same time diferent point`s of view and who make this advise people in one way or other depend of the imagintion of who do.

Person neutral is someone who think for here own head and dont let or give permission to especulation`s from other parts or interests.

Ferrari Tribute to Targa Florio 2013

It has been a special weekend for anyone and everyone who loves the Targa Florio. The tribute that Ferrari wanted to pay this year to one of the world’s most fascinating races, that is so rich in the history and the appeal of motor sport, was a decisive contributing factor in keeping the Targa alive on the very roads that made it immortal — because never has the name of this race come as close to disappearing as it did this year.

World Cup

World Cup is the great event of soccer.

Where any player wish play, nation wish be there participating in such great event.

Event who move all the supporters around the world, media, celebreties, companys is wonderful move passion in the payers at the same time in here supporters who fallow they like soldiers.

World Cup is party where very diferent cultures share experience`s.