Be neutral is very hard.

To maintain the neutrality a person most fallow here principals for many reasons, every action, decision can have consequences in very thing`s in base of what other persons fallow and here way to think. The society in here self is make of lobbys sometimes very strongs and this is the reason I mention sometimes is very hard be neutral and keep the comunication with every body. Some people say with all here forces and raise the word “neutral” but when we see is not very well like they say be neutral is hear diferent points of view and respect, is try to understand the diferent points of view without take any part maintain the respect for they.

Be neutral is someone who is inside of any article and when happear any issue try to make here job who I call of “peace maker” sometimes take very energy of who make this because is not easy satisfy at the same time diferent point`s of view and who make this advise people in one way or other depend of the imagintion of who do.

Person neutral is someone who think for here own head and dont let or give permission to especulation`s from other parts or interests.